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Smörgås: The simple, elegant, beautiful, delicious open-faced sandwich on many a Swedish board. The literal translation of the compound word “smör”+“gås” is “butter goose.”

A traditional smörgås would likely have been a slice of buttered bread with meat or other toppings. But the good news is: times change.

For the perfect modern smörgås, it’s just four steps. First, pick a sturdy bread, toast, or cracker. Second, add a schmear (hummus, ricotta, cream cheese, cashew butter, avocado, smashed white beans, you name it). This is the glue that holds your smörgås together—make it a delicious glue. Third, bring on the main event (meat, eggs, fruit, veggies). And finally, top it all with a flavor bomb like balsamic drizzle, a little bit of honey, an herbed oil, capers, cacao nibs… If you can dream it, you can add it.

These five smörgås samples are examples to inspire your imagination. From top to bottom they are made with:

Pumpernickel bread, hummus, heirloom tomatoes, marinated goat/sheep cheese, herbed olive oil, and basil

Rye bread, cashew butter, bananas, cacao nibs, honey, and edible flowers (courtesy of Sadie Collins, Highland Harmony Farms)

Pumpernickel bread, cream cheese, maple habanero smoked salmon, red onion, and capers

Pumpernickel bread, ricotta cheese, peaches, and balsamic reduction

Rye bread, avocado, hard-boiled egg, diced cucumber, dill, and Maldon salt flakes

Simply slice your bread; add a schmear; layer with meat, veggies, or fruit; then top with a flavor-full sauce or dressing.

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