Edible Bozeman

Chokecherry Card by Jasmine Lilly

Call us old-fashioned, but nothing says “thank you,” “happy birthday,” or “hello” quite like a card. When the artwork is as inspired and of place as the botanical art of Jasmine Lilly, you’ve given a gift as well. Available at Biome Slow Craft, The Marketplace at The Jump, and Paper and Grace. For custom stationery using Jasmine’s extensive library of color botanicals, please see jasminelillycreative.com.

Farro from Highland Harmony Farm

Sadie Collins is a farmer and has been for her entire young life as she is the daughter of farmers. This year, Sadie leased her own acre of land and is developing Highland Harmony Farm, which off ers farro, legumes, pancake mix, local honey, eggs, and seasonal flowers. Her farro has a fresh and appealing aroma that reminds you that grains are good—especially whole grains farmed with regenerative techniques that take care of the soil as well as the crops. Sadie’s farro cooks rather quickly, about 20 minutes on the stovetop in simmering water with a pinch of salt, and can be added to soups, made into a grain salad or risotto of sorts, or simply served as a side dish with butter and salt. Available at the Highland Harmony Farm stand at 516 Easy St. in Wilsall, Woods Rose Market in Livingston, and seasonal farmers markets in Gallatin Valley and Livingston.

Outdoor Whiskey with Leather-Wrapped Rocks Glasses

Blackfoot River Bourbon from Montana Whiskey Company is aged, blended, and bottled in Missoula both in glass and in this Thermoslike stainless-steel bottle that keeps things safe when you’re out on the river or in the mountains. Back at home, try it on the rocks with these leather-wrapped tumblers from Whiskey Leatherworks. Available at Single Barrel in Bozeman.

Unwaffle Freezer Waffles

If you enjoyed Mollie and Erik Walnum’s superfood waffles when they were selling at the farmers markets in years past, you’ll be thrilled to learn that Unwaffle is gearing up to produce them commercially, right here in Bozeman. Of course, chocolate is our favorite, but they make plain and blueberry waffles as well, all of which incorporate an innovative Montana-grown lentil protein and steer clear of common allergens including wheat, nuts, and dairy (but we won’t tell if you put butter on top!). These toaster waffles will keep everyone going for hours, no hangry kids or adults. Available at eatunwaffle.com.

Gastro Gnome’s Rosemary and Apple Trail Mix

You might start out treating this bag of trail mix like any other, bringing it along for emergency energy needs when you just need fuel. But once you taste its clusters of crunchy nuts and softly dried apples and cherries, you might have a hard time rationing. This mix is cluster-based, not loose like birdseed, and is tenderly crunchy, savory, and sweet, but not too much so. Available at Root Cellar Foods online market, from the Gastro Gnome shop at 96 Laura Louise Ln., Unit 11, and at gastrognomemeals.com.

Pineapple Tamarind Syrup

This pineapple juice–based syrup from RAFT is as good in sparkling water as it is in a cocktail, but don’t save it for beverages only. Tamarind adds another dimension to the syrup’s flavor and makes us think about glazing grilled pineapple or a ham, and making a pan sauce for those delicious bone-in pork chops from Amaltheia or John Smith Ranch. Available at Cactus Blossom Collective in Livingston.

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