Edible Bozeman

Blend Wine Growler

Wine is fun on the go, but it sure is a bummer when somebody fumbles and breaks the bottle. This wine growler will keep your wine safe wherever you take it. Bring it into Blend and pay the standard refill fee or equivalent bottle price if you’re upgrading. The growler holds a bit more than a 750-milliliter bottle, so you get a little bonus each time you fill ’er up. Cheers! Available at Blend.

Blume’s Blue Lavender Blend

Add one teaspoon to one cup of any milk and have yourself a calming, caffeine-free latte. For you caffeine lovers out there, Blume’s blends are equally delicious added to coffee and tea drinks—hot or iced. Inside the pretty packaging is a mix of coconut milk powder, a tiny bit of coconut sugar, ground lavender, and blue spirulina. Available at Tailored & Tied in Manhattan, Cactus Blossom Collective in Livingston, and direct from Blume at itsblume.com.


Handmade and cute as all get-out, these bandanas from Jenni Earle make great napkins as well as stylish wraps and fashion accessories. Made from 100 percent southern-grown and -milled cotton, these bandanas are cut and grown in South Carolina and dyed and printed in North Carolina. Available at Architect’s Wife in Bozeman.

Raspberry Lemonade Tea

Lemonade tea blends like this raspberry one from Kitchen T.L.C. make great iced tea, with or without the Arnold Palmer dose of lemonade. Brew for 3–5 minutes, strain from the leaves, then enjoy over ice or refrigerate; it’ll keep for days. Available at Copper Moose Oil & Vinegar and The Sweets Barn in Lolo, or online at thesweetsbarn.net.

Basiclai Pinch Bowls

Tiny bowls—for soy sauce, appetizer nibbles, olive pit collecting, you name it—make entertaining and everyday eating that much more enjoyable. Handmade by Marianne Ribilotta at Basiclai (“bay-si-clay”), her style is neutral and gorgeously utilitarian. Marianne encourages us to choose our possessions wisely and love what we own. Available at Basiclai’s new store and studio at 719 W. Lamme St. in Bozeman.

Montana Mex Tomato Ketchup

Zesty and concentrated in flavor, Montana Mex’s ketchup is more like a chili sauce, meaning thicker texture and more spices and vinegar than your average ketchup. It’s made with the best ingredients: organic tomatoes, organic sugar, organic vinegars, and organic spices. Additionally, Montana Mex is a proud partner of the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Available at Root Cellar Foods online market, local groceries, Schnee’s, and direct from montanamex.com.

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