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Food for Thought with TerraWorks

TerraWorks, a greenhouse located in our very own Bozeman, is constantly growing, whether it’s the cultivation of plants year-round or the steady growth of their business. With unique, hard-to-find favorites coming out of the TerraWorks greenhouse, Gallatin Valley has a lot to look forward to as the warmer months approach.

Owners Katie and Andy Russo are South Dakota natives who both grew up in households where gardening and farming were a part of life. They met at age nine, became high school sweethearts, then went their separate ways before college. Later, they ended up back together again in Bozeman and married in 2015. The Russos got their greenhouse start by selling hypertufa pots and starts at market while both working other jobs full-time; in 2016, they decided to take the plunge into growing plants full-time and today they run their own operation.

I pulled up to the Russo home expecting to see a greenhouse and learn about their business; I left with so much more after meeting kind people vested in education who are passionate about what they do.

“We try to offer the very best products by sourcing high-quality seeds that we then breed out for the best phenotypes,” Katie says. “It’s sort of a little plant factory, and many of these projects have spanned years.”

What can you expect from the bounty at TerraWorks? A few highlights include delicious figs, lavender, rosemary, a variety of delectable berries, jasmine, microgreens, and edible flowers. “We are both kind of obsessed with fruit,” Katie says about her and Andy’s dedication to TerraWorks. “Seeing how happy it makes people is pretty special.”

As a dietitian, I can vouch that these local offerings will give you more bang for your buck than the average grocery store selection because of their powerhouse nutritional benefits. Small-scale food production results in higher-quality produce that is generally more nutrient-dense. Not to mention, figs are known to promote healthy digestion, regulate blood sugar levels, improve bone density, and improve heart health. Additionally, berries offer numerous health benefits including blood sugar regulation, cholesterol reduction, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Local and sustainable food practices are essential to the health and well-being of our community. TerraWorks exemplifies this through their mission to be both authentic and progressive while also educating their community on the importance of local farming. Be on the lookout for classes and workshops this spring and summer.

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