Edible Bozeman

Issue 9 Summer 2021

Summer Succotash

Make this quick sauté when you can buy fresh ears of corn, herbs are plentiful, and summer squash is everywhere you turn.

Mojito Magnifico

A mojito (pronounced “mo-HE-toe”) is a light, refreshing, thirst-quenching summer drink

Farmers Market Gazpacho

Make this easy summer soup using your fresh garden tomatoes, those you buy from a nearby farmer, or the big slicing beauties from Streamline Farms.

An Elevated Experience

I want people to walk away from a meal at Brigade with a deeper appreciation for what we have access to, who makes that possible, and how amazing these farmed and wild foods can taste.

A Look at Covid Habits

As COVID led to worldwide shifts in behavior, it left some wondering how the pandemic would influence climate change

Grown in the Summer Sun

The heirloom strawberry varieties grown by our local farms produce juicy, flavorful berries that are what grocery store strawberries just dream of being.