Edible Bozeman

Farm-fresh eggs

Everyone knows the refrain: eat local, shop local, support local businesses. In Bozeman, a big piece of the local picture is agriculture. And one often-overlooked aspect of agriculture is eggs, which Bozeman has in abundance. Farm-fresh eggs are known for their beautiful, deep yellow yolks and, if you’ve tasted them you know, the flavor is beyond compare and worth the effort to hunt them down. Plus, by supporting local farms with free-range hens, you are also guaranteeing that the chickens that lay your eggs have healthier, happier lives than those raised in factory farms. In addition to purchasing eggs from area farms, you may be able to get eggs from your neighbors. Some individuals have home flocks and often sell or trade their eggs—another great way to give back to the community.


  • Black Dog Farm
  • Root Cellar Foods
  • Three Hearts Farm
  • TerraWorks
  • Farm Fresh Eggs Montana (available in many grocery stores)
  • Area farmers markets
  • And possibly your neighbor!

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