Edible Bozeman

We love these eye-catching, eco-friendly food storage options. All are available at Bozeman businesses.

  1. Handmade, machine-washable snack sacks by howdy girl designs come in packs of two: one large enough for a sandwich, and the other for a side. A pair of whimsically matched patterns are $22.
  2. Food Huggers (pictured in Avocado and Bright Berry) preserve your produce in moisture-locking, bacteria-preventing, BPA-free silicone. $12 per set.
  3. A pack of Bee’s Wrap just might end your reliance on plastic wrap: organic cotton infused with beeswax is molded by the warmth of your hands to cover a bowl or a sandwich, then washed gently for reuse. $44 for four.
  4. Nontoxic, durable silicone means a Stasher bag can be used thousands of times. With a temperature resistance of 400°F, it’s safe for the dishwasher, microwave, or oven. $14. Food Huggers, Bee’s Wrap, and Stasher bags available at Heyday; snack sacks are at Tart.
Photography by Lynn Donaldson

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