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As one of the most used rooms in the house, the kitchen is both a functional space and one of beauty. Guided by just a few design principles, you can fill it with your favorite things while still maintaining the clean, clutter-free aesthetic that makes it livable.

The kitchen of event planner Joseph Todd (Well Wed Montana) and hair stylist and makeup artist Christian Zamora is brimming with neutrals and is an excellent example. Mindful cabinetry layout helps to keep everything tidy and accessible, while small personal details boast personality and warmth. We can’t help but love the oil painting of Todd and Zamora’s dog, showcased behind the range. They also curated a beautiful collection of vintage mixing bowls in shades of blue stacked neatly in the cabinets, adding a pleasant pop of color whenever the doors are opened.

Here are some of my top design tips to create a clean, beautiful space that is ready for any occasion:

On Function

  • Ample countertop space is key. This kitchen maximizes countertop space despite being a smaller kitchen. Plan areas for preparation, eating, cleaning, and even a space where friends, family, and children can hang out.
  • Utilize your drawers. Here the drawers flanking the range have storage organizers and are filled with the most used utensils. Basic preparation necessities are all within arm’s reach.
  • Use a spice rack pull out cabinet to hold oils and spices. This keeps counters clean and organization high.
  • Keep small appliances hidden away with outlets in your cabinetry.
  • Utilize corner cabinet storage to take full advantage of space.
  • Always have under-cabinet lighting. Put the switch on a dimmer and leave it on low for ambient light at night and change to high for task lighting when cutting your veggies and prepping a meal.

On Finish

  • Mixing metals is encouraged. We love this kitchen’s forged-iron cabinet pulls mixed with the island’s antique brass pendant light (just out of frame). Creating a contrast between different kitchen parts helps highlight them and draws the eye into the space.
  • Expanding the neutral backsplash tile to the range hood adds personality and creates a focal point that is in harmony with the backsplash. Neutral tones and colors are a great choice for a classic and timeless look that will stand up to time.
  • For even more of a unique touch, create a custom look to your cabinetry. Consider a set of glass doors in one location and add panel-ready cabinet fronts to your dishwasher and refrigerator.
  • Blend different cabinetry finishes. White-painted perimeter cabinetry (pictured) can play well with a white oak kitchen island. This creates a juxtaposition of finishes that keeps the eye moving to all corners of the room.
  • Fill your kitchen with things you love and items that have a story. Here, the collection of vintage plates and bowls represents years of collecting and trips to the antique market.

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