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Food Trucks Serve Up Feasts Inspired by Place

Bozeman is becoming a foodie’s paradise, both for its bustling restaurant scene and its growing fleet of boutique food trucks that bring exceptional cuisine that’s often inspired by place—both local and afar—to Big Sky Country. Here are just a few suggestions for where to find your next food truck fare.

Pictured with McGee (right) is employee Juan Benitez.


In 2021, Chris McGee started Electric Poke out of a small trailer pulled by his Tesla. He says the name referred to the electric food, but the Tesla added some intrigue. He’s since upgraded to a more permanent trailer on 7th Avenue, though he still keeps it simple. Options for the poke bowls are limited to salmon and tuna, which is flown straight from Hawaii two to three times a week.


Samantha Kervadec opened La Camionnette Coffee in late December of 2023. Kervadec grew up in Lorient, France, in an apartment above her family’s organic bakery, and her business reflects her French roots both in the name, which means “little trailer,” and in the little chocolates she serves with every drink. Her stand has a permanent location inside The Market at Ferguson Farm, which allows Kervadec to stay open in the winter.

From left to right are co-owner Marcos Mustain, employee Leanne Mitchell, and co-owner Sari Mustain.


In late April, Moshi Food opened for their second summer season parked at Neptune’s Brewery in Livingston and sold out in only a few hours. Owners Marcos and Sari Mustain have traveled the world looking for interesting things to eat. “Whenever we travel somewhere, we’re hyper-focused on food,” says Marcos. Moshi Food is their way to bring their favorite flavors back to Montana, using ingredients found locally.


The idea for the Ugly Onion came while co-founder Maxwell Buskey was working at a farm. Rather than composting the less aesthetic vegetables, he put them on pizzas. Now, with his partner, Gretta Stack, the Ugly Onion largely serves interactive catered pizza experiences with their open-air mobile wood-fired pizza kitchen. In 2025, the restaurant plans to break ground on their brick-and-mortar location near Bozeman Beach.


La Vaca Mariposa, located on 7th Avenue, features the cuisine of owner Jovanna Granados’ original home of Venezuela. The menu is focused around arepas and empanadas, both of which are hand-made with white corn flour. “It’s the flour that Venezuelans eat all the time, day and night,” says Granados in Spanish. The name La Vaca Mariposa is borrowed from an iconic Venezuelan folk song and translates to “the butterfly cow.”

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