Edible Bozeman

Growing up, family dinner was non-negotiable; our mother made sure we ate together each night. Our parents were building their business, and there was always much to discuss.

Because of our experiences around the dinner table with our parents, we knew we wanted to follow in their footsteps and become business owners. When we purchased the RSVP Motel, it was important that we serve a market of customers who were, as we were, looking for healthy food options. Now, we love seeing our friends and colleagues meet up for business or a casual conversation while they enjoy our locally sourced products at the Farmer’s Daughters Cafe and Eatery in the RSVP Motel. Our guests also love connecting with locals—we often see them sitting down for a meal, discussing all that Bozeman has to offer.

Whether you love the outdoors, graduated from MSU, are raising your family here, or all three, you probably think Bozeman is a special place. So do the many people who visit this city. Customers at the cafe range from hotel guests to local Montanans; what we have here attracts a wide spectrum. We may miss out on the fried food crowd, but we’re willing to forgo some traditional business to pave a new path in a progressive economy and build a reputation in this community as the hot spot for all things awesome. After all, visitors don’t want to find out what they should be doing and seeing from TripAdvisor—they want recommendations from the people who live here and are doing those things every day.

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