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Most kids think about food in terms of what tastes good and what they’d rather leave on the plate. But there’s great value in helping children understand where their food comes from and what eating healthy really means. This lesson can be the foundation for healthy life choices down the road. But how do you have these conversations with the little people in your life? Well, books are a great way to start. Here are some of my favorite children’s books on farm to table.

The Story of Food

How Did That Get in My Lunchbox? by Chris Butterworth and illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti will take your children on a delightful journey, jam packed with colorful pictures and detailed information about the processes your food went through to get to you. This fun and fascinating adventure will leave your kids hungry, and just might pique their interest in a visit to a farm, dairy, orchard, or grove.

a table-to-farm book about food and farming

What’s that you say? You’re hungry? Right this very minute? Then you need a farmer. Lisl H. Detlefsen and Renee Kurilla’s book. Right This Very Minute is written with such a creative flair and deep appreciation for all the farmers who work so hard to feed us all. I love how this book ends: “What’s that you say? You want to grow your own food? Right this very minute? Then you need to think like a farmer.”


1001 Things to Spot on the Farm by Gillian Doherty and illustrated by Teri Gower was one of my children’s favorite books. There are so many things to count on each page, it may keep little ones busy for a while. The variety of farms featured and the busy, bright scenes make this book come to life. From border collies rounding up sheep, to spilt milk in the dairy barn, to monkeys and sloths in the cocoa trees on tropical farms, this book really is a feast for the eyes.

Now, grab a book, curl up with a kid on your lap, and see where your farm-to-table experience will take you.

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